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SRS SOLUTIONS Kolkata is a community based association which is providing medico-legal services to all kind of Transgendered/Transsexual individuals in India for last seven years.

Apart from the transgender populations, we also provide all kinds of Reconstructive-Plastic and General Surgeries to the non-transgender human population. As we belief in care-philosophy, we provide a cost effective package to people who approach us. It has registered officially in the year 2010, although this journey to Mankind was started from the year 2006. Till date, we are the only consultancy in West Bengal and Kolkata that provide the Medico-Legal support within a reasonable cost.

Our History

The journey of SRS SOLUTIONS Kolkata was the brain child of the first legally recognised Transsexual Woman in Kolkata who was born in a financially backward family. Tista Das is now a most prominent example of success and hope before the transsexual and transgender people. It was a real unbearable battle that she fought to establish her identity as a Trans-Woman. She always realised that her life not only to achieve her personal goal, but to drag out all the Trans sister and Brotherhoods from their worse situation. She thought of constructing an Association for transgendered people.

In the year 2006 she thought of constructing an Association for Transgender individuals after two years of her own surgical gender reassignment. At the very beginning, she was having a lot of trouble to get a space to set up an office for the primary consultation and counselling. Nobody was coopering because of unsupportive social environment and hatred to transgender issue. Fighting against all odds and non cooperation, finally she was able to register SRS SOLUTIONS officially at Agarpara in the year 2010.

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