1) Our Mission is to provide the best Medical and Legal solution to the Transgender community for their general and sexual health.
2) We try to ensure the healthy bonding of Transgender individuals with their family.
3) To educate and sensitize people, our representatives take part in various social events, seminars and Television shows.
4) Accordingly we try to execute Donors that we can make the Gender Reassignment procedure free of cost for TG Individuals.



1) Sophistications of equipments to Gender Dysphoric cases and improvement of ancillary departments.
2) Development of separate infrastructure in Health sector and Hygiene issues in toilet, public transport etc.
3)Implementation of the legal changes of Name and Gender [according to the recent Verdict article 129(2)] in the Old Documents, such as Birth Certificate, Academic Documents etc.
4)A separate category reservation quota as “Transgender” in Educational Institutions, employment opportunities and for Public Appointments.
5) Anti-discrimination law in Educational, Employment and Health services
6) Right to decide the self Identified gender as Male, Female or Third gender apart from their biological sex
7) Introduce a specific law to protect Transgendered individuals from Rape and all kind of violence.
8) Sex Reassignment Surgical procedure should be under Health Insurance Policies.
9) Gender Dysphoria should be counted under Mental Health Act.
10) Deciding of one’s gender should be determined by his or her Psychological Gender only through the scientific medical procedure laid down by WHO only, which is clearly directed by supreme court in the NALSA Verdict.
11) Particularly in present situation, Lower Judiciary should be sensitized.
12) Transgender community who belongs to extremely below poverty level, should be provided free Legal services under National Legal Services Act.